Day Two

After you finish breakfast take the packages of dry food prepared for you for lunch and put on serious shoes (keep in mind that the paths in Magura Cave are slippery), get in the car and take to the main road (I-1/E 79) / Enter in your navigation system the location “Magura Cave” or coordinates: 43.72812441467234, 22.582906297621104/. Once you get to it (at the already known crossroads near Ruzhintsi) you have to turn left in the direction of Dimovo. Just before Dimovo, after passing the railway crossing at the three-way junction on the left you have to take road 1104 Ostrokaptci-Rabisha. On the turn itself you can see a non-standard sign for Magura winery. The turn is also signaled by a sign Belogradchik.

After the village of Rabisha you will see a signalized turn  from the road to Magura Cave which you have to catch and this time it will take you to the cave. The road to the cave is paved and is in good condition.

Look for an opportunity for parking and find your way to the cash register. It is reached by steps on both sides.

Our program includes a visit to the cave before noon. In case you have other preferences, please keep in mind the working hours of the cave for visits:

  • 10:00 – 16:00 – the last group enters;

Visits to the cave are round the clock

Prices for visiting the cave:

  • students and retirees: 3.00 lv.
  • adults: 5.00 lv.

The transition in the cave is about 1.7 km long and takes about 1 hour. Use comfortable shoes and keep in mind that the paths in the cave are slippery.

The distance from the exit of the cave to the parking lot where you left your car is about 2 km and in about 20 minutes of normal walking you can go back.

In summer you can use a paid train that will take you back from the cave exit to the parking lot. However, given the epidemic, do not rely on this information.

In case the weather is sunny and allows a walk, we recommend you walk along the Rabishko Lake. There you can find a great place for an impromptu picnic, where you can eat the food brought and enjoy the wonderful wine from the cellar, which you probably bought.


After enjoying a walk along the lake, you can return to the parking lot where you left your car.