Day Three

After you have your breakfast and enjoy the peace and coziness of Madonna Inn, you should check out. It’s time to go to Vidin. Take the main road again (I-1 / E 79) in the direction Dimovo – Vidin. Enter “Vidin Center” in your navigation system. You can park in the parking lot located in front of Vidin Municipality. Please note that parking in the center of Vidin is controlled in some areas on weekdays, and you might have to pay an hourly fee, mind the signs .

We recommend that you take a walk around the city center. To enjoy the beauty of the Danube, be sure to take the riverside walk. There you will pass by the port. In case you do not want to walk for a long time, take your car. Enter in your navigation system “Port of Vidin” or coordinates 43.98335400205051, 22.877131032181968. On Dunavska Street you will reach the front of the train station, where you can look for a parking space. Take the riverside walk in the direction of the fortress. This way you will pass one of the infamous places in the Danube city – the Fish and Grill restaurant “Danube”.

It is located on a ship in the Danube River, which can be reached by a bridge. There you can try one of the most delicious fish soups in the region (Danube fish soup or Vidin fish brine, at prices of up to BGN 4), as well as delicious freshly caught river fish (prices per portion of fish vary between BGN 8 and 15, depending on the species). If you want to enjoy the view to the fullest and in case the weather allows it, choose a table on the second floor of the ship. (Given the situation, we do not guarantee that the restaurant will work).

As one of the most interesting sights of the city, which we absolutely recommend to put on your route, is the fortress Baba Vida. In case you have first visited the Fish and Grill Restaurant “Danube”, just continue along the shore in the direction opposite to the port and after a longer walk you will reach the fortress. If you don’t like longer walks, you can get there by car. Enter “Baba Vida Fortress” in your navigation system or coordinates 43.99251172005147, 22.884762280996853. The specified location is at the intersection of Baba Vida Street and Tsar Samuil Street, where you can park your car. Please note that the fortress is reached by pedestrian alleys.

Working hours of the fortress:

  • Summer: Monday to Friday 8.30-17.30
  • On holidays 9.30 – 17.30.
  • Winter: Monday to Friday 8.30-17.00.
  • On holidays 10.00 – 17.00

Ticket price:

  • Regular ticket BGN 4.
  • Children, Students and pensioners BGN 2
  • Guided-tour BGN 20

This concludes our recommended program for your weekend. It’s time to head to Sofia, as the journey takes about 3 hours.

We hope that you are satisfied with the time spent in Belogradchik and the region. If you liked this way of traveling, take a look at our variety weekend offers!