Who We Are?

Balkans spirit is a tour operator and travel agency established in June 2019. The fact that we are new to the market only means we bring new ideas to the table, as we always try to go off the beaten track and give our customers the chance to experience something out of the ordinary. Our focus lies mainly on small group travel to ingenious destinations, far from mass tourism.

Our plan for the near future

For the upcoming 2023 we are mainly concentrating showing you interesting places around Bulgaria as well as some folklore oriented events and festivals.

Choosing one of our offers, you would have the opportunity to relieve the monotony of your home and go somewhere else, where you can prepare the food yourself, or maybe order some to make it easier. You would be able to celebrate with your closest ones, or just relax with your friends, with which you are running out of ideas for places to go anyways, while all the bars cafes etc. are closed. On top of that you will get tips and ideas, where the best places to eat and the most exciting landmarks are. Let’s not let the situation control our life to the point where we have to give up everything we love. Of course on our website you can also find some offers for holidays in bigger hotels.


Bellow you can se our tour operator license and our insurance certificate with number: 03700100002973

Our Values

For us at Balkans Spirit the most important concept is to popularize authentic and not that well known places to visit. Keeping our clients amused and entertained is always  a main priority. We define our destinations as