Day Three

After breakfast and enjoy the peace and coziness of Hera Guest House, you would have to lave your rooms. It’s time for your walk in Troyan. Take the road back to Troyan again. Enter the city and drive until you see the building of the Municipality ┬áin front of you (coordinates 42.883736548173424, 24.709207281127405). There is a municipal car park to your right where you can leave your car. In case there are no parking empty spots, look for parking in the neighboring streets.

If you parked in the municipal parking lot, pay attention to the painted facade of the building next to you.

We recommend that you walk around the city center. On the town square, almost directly opposite the fountain is the Museum of Folk Arts and Crafts. If you walk directly along it, along the alley to the river, behind the museum building you will see the exposition dedicated to the Trojan brandy.

Along the river there are nice restaurants where you can refresh yourself with a cup of coffee or eat.

We recommend that you also see the church of St. Paraskeva (coordinates 42.884769689270044, 24.70773315549059). The distance to it is suitable for walking. You have to cross the main road (next to which the municipal parking lot is located) and take Cherkovna Street. After climbing the stairs and exit at the intersection with Neofit Bozveli Street, turn right and you will see the dome of the church.

The church was built in 1835. In 1877 the temple was burned down, but then rebuilt with the help of donors. The temple is very interesting and beautiful. Cultural monument of local significance.

We hope you felt the typical atmosphere of Troyan and the region! This concludes our recommended program for your weekend. It’s time to head to Sofia. If you liked this way of traveling, take a look at our other weekend offers!