Borovitsa Wine Cellar

Borovitsa Wine Cellar is located near the village of the same name, huddled up at the foot of the Belogradchik rocks. The  foundations were laid by two experienced oenologists РOgnyan Tsvetanov and Adriana Srebrinova, in 2005. Then Ognyan Tsvetanov, with a Phd in winemaking, worked as a consultant at the Magura winery and invited his colleague Adriana Srebrinova to show her the incredible potential of the Northwest. Fascinated by what he was trying to do, Adriana Srebrinova decides to stay and join the project.

Borovitsa Cellar is mainly oriented towards the creation of relatively limited batches of wines with a their own character and bearing the specifics of the terroir. Due to the extremely limited quantities of processed grapes, the wines produced in the Borovitsa cellar are in minimal quantities, but with an unforgettable taste.

The hilly relief and the soils around Belogradchik, reminiscent of the eponymous rocks – red and sandy stony, are an ideal prerequisite for excellent vineyards. Presence of many caves, diverse soil, perfect climate for people and perennial crops, climatic features, characterized by high daytime temperatures and coolness at night are a prerequisite for the bunches to ripen well during the day and rest at night. This temperature difference leads to the balance so sought by technologists.

The wines of the Borovitsa winery received international recognition at the prestigious Decander competition in London, where in 2006 their Maxima wine, vintage 2003, won a bronze medal. In the next two years, the organizers of the competition wanted samples from the Borovitsa winery. And for another three years the wine was deservedly awarded, and finally received a sticker of exceptionality. The wines of the Borovitsa winery are also included in the World Wine Atlas, 2008. The World Wine Atlas is as some refer to it the bible of oenologists, in which nine Bulgarian wines have been presented over the years, two of them in the Borovitsa winery.

The Borovitsa winery makes small batches of superb white and red wines, a rosette and a limited batch of the original natural sparkling wine Ognyan Tzvetanov Premiere Cuvée.

One of the pearls of the wine cellar is the orange wine, the first of which was created in 2008. It turns out that the crushing of planted Chardonnay grapes produces a highly saturated orange color, which subsequently makes the shades of wine orange during fermentation. Such a series of wines was also created in 2014 and 2017.

At the wine tasting, which is coming to you in the winery “Borovitsa”, you will try the selected selection of Great Terroirs wines, consisting of 5 typical wines and accompanied by bread, cheese and sausages. Enjoy!

After your tasting you will have the opportunity to look for the hidden treasures of a wine cellar – bottles from the first selections of wines produced there.