Weekend in the Troyan Balkans

This trip will immerse you in the atmosphere of the Trojan Balkans and its sights.

You will enjoy the comfort and peace of a small family hotel in the village of Chiflik.

You will visit the Troyan Monastery “Uspenie Bogorodichno ” – the largest Balkan monastery, also known for it’s miraculous sacred images.

You will visit one of the most beautiful caves in Bulgaria – Saeva Dupka Cave, known for its unique colors – green, brown and white.

You will explore the city of Troyan with its landmarks – the Museum of Crafts, as well as the exhibition dedicated to the Troyan plum rakia.

There is no need to think about anything other than packing. You will receive a full plan of your trip, the sequence of visiting the sights, information about hours and routes from us. At the same time you will have the freedom to enjoy the trip of your choice.

price: 79 lv

By paying the indicated price for your three-day trip, you receive:

Two nights with breakfast in the most beloved family hotels in the region;

Reservation of date and time for visiting Saeva Dupka cave;

Information about the sights we recommend to visit, containing location, information about the routes to reach them, interesting facts and stories about the places themselves, as well as photos from them;

Travel insurance.

The price does not include:


Lunch and dinner;

Entrance fees for the recommended tourist sites.

The house has two pools, which are not in the yard, but in a property directly opposite the house. During the autumn-winter period a pool can be provided for over 10 guests, but only after a declared wish.

Reservations and cancellations:

To book a trip for your chosen dates, after receiving confirmation from us for vacancies you must pay a deposit of 30% of the announced price within 3 days of confirmation and pay no later than 7 days before the start date of the trip.

Cancellations of reservations made up to 10 days before check-in are free of charge. If the reservation is canceled from the 9th day before the start date of the trip, the paid amount of the deposit is non-refundable.