Hotel Saint George

“Our hotel is not one of the big ones and the personal care for the guest, the contacts with him, the feeling of feeling at home is one of the first things in our work”

Georgi Trapkov – owner

SPA Hotel St. George **** opened in 2000. Over the years, the hotel welcomes local and foreign tourists from around the world, and the best advertisement for their attraction to this day are the satisfied guests who recommend it to their friends and relatives. In St. George, the guest always feels the necessary level of courtesy. Luxury is no more attractive than comfort, coziness and cleanliness, which are an absolute priority.

The spa offers Pomorie mud, lye, algae, sea water. The offered Spa procedures are intended both for people with health problems and for those guests who are looking for rest and relaxation. The programs are aimed at prevention, treatment, recovery or complete relaxation. The programs have a preventive curative purpose, protecting against diseases of the musculoskeletal system, increase the body’s defenses, fight physical and mental fatigue, strengthen immunity.